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May 19, 2012 / pimmsoclock

All the excitement of watching a football match……..

My friend (though I am now debating the wisdom of that) Alison dragged me out of bed and made me lurk around town waiting to see a woman (no idea who she was) run down the road with a candle on a stick.

 There were more police on motor bikes buzzing around it than there are when our Lizzie goes to Sainsubury’s to do her weekly shop. 

 Every 15 mins or so a Samsung truck and trailer would drive by handing out flags which was pissing off the guy who had been walking up and down the streets for the last 3 hours selling flags, it was seriously pissing of the people who were stupid enough to buy flags off himl.  There was a (hold on while I try out my French) bloody great coca cola (think that’s how you spell it) truck with a woman on the back of it gyrating her arse to some god awful music, I assume she wasn’t part of the Team GB Gymnastic Brigade, if she is, well, no medals there then.  This was followed by a Lloyds TSB van,  (guess they have to drum up business somewhere).  The only thing missing was a MacSick van chucking burgers into the crowd.

 If I had got any more excited I would have split my TenaLady.  I can understand a little of the excitement of it all, but I would have been far more impressed if members of Team GB had been out there escorting it through the streets.

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